AMD Catalyst 11.11 ya disponibles


AMD Catalyst 11.11 ya disponibles

En el día de hoy AMD puso a disposicion de sus clientes, los nuevos drivers Catalyst 11.11 correspondientes al mes de noviembre.

La lista de features de estos nuevos controladores, incluye lo siguiente:

Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 11.11 Windows release includes:


Adobe Flash Player 11 support
· Enables full support of the GPU accelerated Stage 3D API and Stage 3D applications
· Supported on the AMD Radeon HD Series of GPUs, A-Series APU and E-Series APU

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst 11.11 software suite for Windows 7. These include: · Images and textures are no longer corrupted (Blue) in Rage.
· Bezel compensation now works correctly with Far Cry 2.
· Screen tearing is no longer randomly observed while moving a window on the desktop while in Clone mode or Eyefinity mode.
· A black screen is no longer observed when extending displays.
· Homefront no longer crashes randomly when Crossfire is enabled.
· DC – Universe Online no longer hangs soon after selecting a character and entering the game.

Known issues under the Windows 7 operating system

The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows 7 operating system in the latest version of AMD Catalyst. These include:

· Screen tearing may be observed occasionally while playing Portal 2 in DirectX 9 mode.
· Shogun 2 may exhibit screen corruption while playing on low resolution settings in 2×1 Eyefinity mode.
· Choppy playback may be observed playing interlaced DVD content in full screen mode using PowerDVD 11.
· A BSOD error may occur while playing Call of Duty – Black Ops in Multiplayer mode with Crossfire enabled.
· Video corruption may be observed while playing World of Warcraft in windowed mode and AVI file simultaneously.
· Dragon Age 2 may exhibit corruption during in game cinematics when run in DirectX 9 mode.
· Lost Planet 2 my display random corruption and flickering when run in DirectX 9 mode.
· Lost Planet 2 may crash randomly when Crossfire is enabled.
· The following games may experience random flashing textures during gameplay :
Metro 2033
Far Cry 2
Stalker : Call of Pripyat

Pueden descargar estos drivers, desde este enlace. Están disponibles para Windows XO, Windows 7, Windows 8 y Linux.

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  1. hola gente yo e estado bajandos los sigientes driver de amd 11.11 / 11.11a /11.11b / 11.11c , que eran estos entonces betas?
    linda paguinas chicos

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